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When you work with me, you’ll gain the tools and insight you need to build confidence, own your career story, and create a roadmap to success. I can help you take those crucial next steps in your career journey; schedule a consultation and start unlocking your full potential today!

One-on-one Private Coaching

Private coaching is for you if you need help identifying strengths and weaknesses. We’ll explore your interests and passions, define your purpose, clarify your career goals, and develop a clear and personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. We will also explore ideas on how to search efficiently for new jobs, including optimizing your online presence and networking, and how to ace interviews with your hiring manager.

Speaking & Podcasts

Natasha Tous, is a dynamic speaker and podcast guest, inspiring women of color in leadership. With global expertise, she empowers through honest, impactful narratives and strategies in her sessions. Her talks on personal branding, leadership styles, and effective communication are transformative, guiding aspiring leaders towards achieving their full potential and making a significant social impact.

what my clients have to say

Uncovering Passions:

Working with Natasha was truly life-changing! Her guidance and support helped me uncover my true passions and strengths and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream job. I’m so grateful for this experience and highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their career to the next level.”
– Andrea U.

communicating my worth:

Natasha taught me valuable techniques to confidently and effectively communicate my worth in professional and personal settings. Thanks to her guidance, I feel empowered to easily navigate any negotiation.”
– Camila R.

negotiation strategy:

"Through her expertly crafted guidance, I gained a newfound confidence and could easily navigate a salary negotiation. Natasha provided me with the knowledge needed to showcase my skills and experience, and clearly understood how to approach and negotiate my desired salary. "
– Zaida G.

Purpose discovery:

"Natasha’s 20 years of experience have been immeasurable in helping me clarify my purpose, set and work toward my goals, and identify my strengths."
– Jocelyn P.

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