About Natasha Tous

I am committed to helping you find the right career path through individual and group coaching.

My purpose is helping women discover their special strengths so they can excel in their next position. My Private Coaching and Group Coaching services are highly effective in identifying your talents, interests, values, and career goals so you can pursue jobs that are fulfilling and get paid what you are worth.

My holistic approach is informed by my years of experience; I am committed to demystifying the job search process for both new and seasoned professionals. Growing up in Corporate I noticed a gap between what was expected of me and what was offered to me to sharpen my skills.  To advance in my career, I was expected to know how to negotiate, influence, and communicate with impact.  Yet there were no resources offered for me to sharpen those skills.  So I had to get crafty and find them on my own.


Where I am from:

I am multicultural and multilingual, born in Venezuela to a Cuban father and a Colombian mother. I arrived in the US when I was 7. Throughout my life I have lived in 7 countries, including a 6-year stint as an expat living in Hong Kong; I am trilingual, I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. My friends and colleagues would describe me as: creative, outspoken, and a leader.

My home now is in sunny Miami, where I live with my husband and two kids. When I’m not creating, you can find me planning crafty activities to create fun memories with my family (yes, I am that mom with the camera!), watching Netflix and Masterclass, or growing orchids in my backyard.

My hope is to leave a lasting legacy by utilizing my talents and skills to help women navigate career challenges and transitions.

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